Couple Meditating on the Beach



"When you love, you have to become nobody. If you remain somebody, then love never happens. When you love a person — even for a single moment love happens and flows between two persons - there are two nothingnesses, not two persons. If you have ever had any experience of love, you can understand."  OSHO 

The word Tantra comes from Sanscrit and means tools (tan) for expansion (tra).


The work we present is profoundly based on meditation.

These seminars nurtures the space of intimacy, lovingness and sweetness within relationship, and they are also an opportunity to reconnect and "recharge the batteries".

It is a playful love journey that explores aspects of our life energy in action in our life and relationships.


On this love-journey we will be exploring and bringing awareness into:

•    the urge in our sexuality

•    the play of emotions,

•    the untameable mind

We will explore circulations originating from The Tibetan Buddhist Tantra meditations from Osho and Tao.

These meditations and circulations work on our energy system supporting the system to be able to contain more and more energy, they balance the male and the female. They align the chakras both within each individual and they also bring an alignment in the relationship.

Tantra is an exploration towards wholeness, in the beginning with an outer partner, later also in the inner current.

Tantra can strengthen our presence in the body, in the sensuousness, in the difficult and in the pleasurable.


The seminars are for couples who wish to explore and deepen their experience and understanding of sexual energy and about relating. For couples, who have been together for a long time, who wish to reconnect and strengthen the loving intimacy that this work can bring.


It is a prerequisite that you want to remain together.

Below, you'll find a list of the Tantra seminars we offer for couples:

  • Tantric Love-Making / Tantra Retreat for Couples 

  • The Alchemy of Tantra for Couples, Deepening Intimacy 

  • Tantra for Couples in water 

  • The Alchemy of Polarity male/female 

  • Fantasies - Advanced