There are many meditation techniques from different traditions.

The essence of all the different techniques is that they help increasing awareness. (With meditation you become aware of your inner nature and the many gifts you carry within.)

Osho’s Active Meditations are part of this great and incredible journey in meditation.

In Osho’s vision the human being embraces both - Buddha - the introvert meditative - and Zorba - the extrovert, creative.


In our seminars we will:

  • be exploring some of Osho’s Active Meditations

  • practising awareness and mindfulness

  • exploring the immense depth that heart meditations bring to our meditation and our daily lives

  • personal guidance and support

  • space for questions and sharing

  • dance and movement

  • breath

Meditation brings greater relaxation in life. Through relaxation we can have more awareness and we can be more open, receptive and creative. We can perceive our inner and outer world with greater clarity.


Into our daily lives meditation brings more peace, presence. Meditation prepares our body and mind for an enhanced sensitivity and alertness that intensifies our lives and expands our awareness.


The Heart takes us deep inside, connects us to our inner nature and to many qualities such as love, joy, respect, gratitude, compassion, trust, clarity and many others. The heart naturally brings us into a space of acceptance, relaxation and non-judgment.


Our meditation seminars are both for people who are new to meditation as well as an opportunity for people who have some experience with meditation to deepen their practice and meditate with fellow travellers.