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We would like to offer you our support in meeting yourself and each other with all that it takes to be in a relationship.


To us, choosing to have a couple session or a series of sessions is a way of taking responsibility for the relationship and for ones own life. 


It is acknowledging that something is limiting or could flow more in the relationship and you would like to have more expansion, understanding and freedom.


Mainly, when we are stuck or something isn’t flowing in our relationships it is very often because something is unsaid, unexpressed. Often there can be fears of communicating. Old hurts. Unconscious strategies and patterns from our own upbringing. 


With love and care we would like to support you in learning the basics for intimacy, bringing light and understanding to where you might be stuck, helping you to get clarity. Finding the courage to be sincere and honest with each other or maybe getting back the spark that once was there. Tantra-Couple-Sessions can ignite something new.


They can shed light, where it is difficult for you to see what is in the way ?


We will start from where you are and find out what you both need.


Couple-sessions we always do as a couple. 

4 eyes sees more than two. It strengthens the session and getting angles from both the male and female perspective. 

This supports both of you in feelingsupported,seen and understood.


The work draws upon our more than 30 years of meditation, trainings and group-processes together and individually.

Our own Tantra Courses and Tantra Trainings.

Supervision in Love, Sexuality and Tantra with Neel Fastingfrom Vaekstcentret, Denmark.

More than20 years in our own relationship.

Many years experience inhelping and supporting individuals and couples.


Areas where a couple session can give you support  :


  • Would you like to work with the spark and the space between you?

  • Get more understanding and tools for the emotional space between you?

  • Bring more the quality of the heart between you 

  • Tantra-Couple-Sessions can ignite something new

  • They can shed light, where it is difficult for you to see what is in the way?

  • We can provide you exercises and techniques to bring with you back home 



If you are interested in a couple session you are welcome to contact us. Either in person in Tuscany or at the venues, where we offer our groups or via Skype.

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