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Online I offer individual sessions on either Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.
In presence in Tuscany, in Denmark; in various meditation Centers in Italy, where I facilitate Meditation retreats, personal growth seminars, individual and couple Tantra seminars together with my partner, Dhairya.

Here are some of the areas we could explore:  


  • Relationship issues: in a love-relationship, in personal life or at work 

  • Transformation Path: Essential Life Consulting (ELC) 5 sessions

  • Subtle bodies healing: Healing and balancing the subtle bodies and the energy of the Chakras (in presence) 

  • Moments of change (when entering into new life stages)

  • Growth processes. Discovering one's talents and the use of them in all areas of life 

  • Tantra for women

  • Individual tantra

  • Tantra for couples (with Dhairya)

  • Learn meditation or deepen meditation   


It is possible to have an informative interview of 20/30 minutes free of charge to get an idea of how we could work together. 

You can contact me at this email address: .

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