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Sometimes to choose to have an individual session or a series of sessions is to me a sign of taking responsibility for ones life. 

It is acknowledging that something is limiting me and I would like to have more understanding, expansion and freedom. 


 All Mystics say “there is no-one outside”.  Osho (an Indian Mystic) talks a lot about reaction and response. Reaction is founded in our past. Response comes out of this moment. The present. 

It is my experience too; that there is no-one outside. (it doesn’t mean that I’m always fully capable of taking that responsability).


There are two ways to approach an issue:

Whenever we feel limited in life, we mostly are in a state of reaction. This reaction is rooted in our childhood, our conditioning,.

One can choose to see the outside through the glasses of ones personality and desire that the outside changes. Through that choice one will remain a slave of the outside.

Or one can begin to take responsibility (ability to respond) - and when one changes, out of understanding (in other words, when the inner healing begins) the outside changes.


My work is to guide you into your inner world, to explore the nots that keep you in the past, to support you in healing old wounds, having expansion, getting more freedom and in living your life more fully.

The work I offer integrates body, mind, heart and soul.
It supports you to be more present here, in the midst of our daily life.

There is no particular style to an individual session as each person is unique. The right tools and ways appear as we move along.


Still, there are  “my strengths”.  They are based on my many years of meditation, my own ungoing growth-process and my psicho-therapeutic training in India and in Europe.

A sincere passion for finding my own freedom and supporting others in finding their. 

In this approach we explore what is the issue. Through the issue,  we find the roots for the limited view (in childhood - Primal).


We bring understanding and love to what was missing in the past (and what we still are looking for, when we keep on recreating the old reaction)  

From presence and the heart, we learn that we have all the ressources to provide for ourselves, what we blindly are seeking on the outside.

It is possible to take a single session as well as take part in the ongoing work.


It is possible to have individual sessions in Tuscany or at the various centres where we come to offer our groups or via Skype.

Here some examples of areas that we could look at in the individual sessions:


  • Relationship Issues - Personal life, Work related

  • Inner Child Work (Primal)

  • Breath

  • Essential Life Consulting (ELC)

  • Individual growth Processes

  • Tantra Counseling (for Men) (women, please connect with Anjori)

  • Fear and Panic attacks

  • Meditation

  • Life change

  • Burn out

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