The TantricHeart Deepening Process is an opportunity to have a continuity with ones experience with Tantra and the tools it offers. 


Our daily lives take up a lot of our precious time. The practical needs, work, family etc  easily take over and there is less space and time to give priority to a continuity and use the meditations and tools we have learnt in such a precious process. 


For this reason we are offering  “The TantricHeart “deepening process”, where we will meet for 2-3 times a year.


It is a possibility for catching up from where one left in a previous course: 
To carry on and to give value to a process that enriches our relationships and our individual lives.
To continue expanding our awareness with the tools that Tantra offers.


Joining the TantricHeart Deepening Process, you will have more understanding and experience, how:


  • tantra can enrich our relationships. 

  • our sexuality can become even more fun and creative

  • intimacy also becomes individuality

  • tantric meditations can becomes more and more an integrated part of the relationship and our personal growth.

In the Tantric Heart Deepening Process there are the following groups:

  • Alchemy of Tantra / Deepening Intimacy  BASIC Osho Miasto SI

  • Alchemy of Tantra / (in water)  BASIC Osho Miasto SI

  • Tantric Lovemaking Retreat  BASIC Le Torracce PG

  • Male / Female  INTERMEDIATE Casacorra RE

  • Fantasies  ADVANCE  Ag. Olistico Montevento VE