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A Journey Into the Heart -                       Finding life's true source of Fulfillment, Creativity and Joy
A Journey Into the Heart -                       Finding life's true source of Fulfillment, Creativity and Joy

Sat, 02 Dec



A Journey Into the Heart - Finding life's true source of Fulfillment, Creativity and Joy

This weekend is open to all those who wish to discover the secrets of the heart and acquire the tools to connect with it. During this weekend, you will learn how to connect with your true qualities and strengths, allowing you to relax and say yes to the opportunities that life offers.

Location and Date

02 Dec 2023, 09:30 – 03 Dec 2023, 17:30

Milano, Via Privata Tobruk, 3, 20146 Milano MI, Italia

About the Workshop / Retreat

How can we live more fulfilling lives and face life's challenges with more creativity, lightness, and freedom?


The Heart connects us to our essential qualities, and when we stay attuned, it leads us towards a more fulfilling and joyful life. The main issue is that few of us know how to connect with the heart, how to feel the heart, and how to practically apply its transformative qualities/abilities in our daily lives, in order to be able to respond instead of react to challenges that life present us with.


The Heart is a doorway to our deepest core, a doorway to meet life's challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles, and a way to have more fulfilling and nourishing lives with ourselves and others.


It is also a "shortcut" to meditation; through the heart it is easier to connect with our inner nature, thanks to its spaciousness. One of its intrinsic qualities is, in fact, space.

The mind is always in the past or the future, while the heart is always in the present, here-now.

Presence is another of its many qualities.


The heart is an incredible resource. Becoming aware of it means becoming more sensitive to reality. Subsequently, this becomes a new way of living one's everyday lives. It naturally leads us to a space of acceptance, relaxation, and we become less judgmental.


Personally, we have experienced that these are important qualities in order to bring relaxation and acceptance into our lives and into our meditation.


During the group, we will do energy work to support being more connected to the flow of life, to feel more at home, and to trust life.


We will learn to access the heart with:

  • heart meditations
  • breath exercises
  • movement
  • meditation through our senses

all to discover the countless possibilities of using the heart in our everyday life and in our meditation.


From this group, we will have a clearer understanding of what it means to be connected to the heart.

For a couple of decades, we have been trained by our beloved teachers - Leela, Alvina, and Prasad.

Since then the heart has become a pillar from where we have kept on using its transformational qualities in our daily lives, such as in our work, in sessions, with groups of people, couples, and individuals.


For information and booking:

Phone or WhatsApp: +39 349 0549910




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