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Female Male: Exploring Polarity
Female Male: Exploring Polarity

Fri, 22 Mar


Ajalar - Milan

Female Male: Exploring Polarity

The Alchemy of Tantra for Couples A Love-Journey with a Spiritual Dimension

Location and Date

22 Mar 2024, 20:30 – 24 Mar 2024, 17:30

Ajalar - Milan, Via Privata Tobruk, 3, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

About the Workshop / Retreat

This workshop is part of the the program:

The Alchemy of Tantra “program for couples“  A Love-Journey with a spiritual dimension.

Male Female polarity is a main dynamic throughout Tantra work.

In most relationships, we continue to project this polarity onto our partner and many other aspects of our lives. Often, we take positions from a truly judgmental standpoint, where the only criterion is "I like/dislike."

Tantra means deepening our awareness of this polarity.

Our partner is, in reality, an immense source of information about who we are. Usually, we are blind and see our partner only as someone outside of us, different, from whom we do not feel represented at all.

In reality, unconsciously, we seek wholeness through our partner. Tantra offers tools to gain greater awareness of what we are seeking externally, but is already within us.

Through the awareness that Tantra provides, we can start embracing even more those inner parts that have not yet revealed themselves to us.

In this seminar, you will expand your awareness of the inner manifestation of male and female aspects of ourselves.

Through our playful approach and with the help of specific exercises, the carefully prepared group structure will bring awareness to the understanding of who we are in our opposite sex. Tantra teaches how in our "energetic body," we already encounter our opposite sex. In this seminar, we aim to shed more light on this phenomenon.

You will receive further transmission and understanding of how, in reality, we are already in relationship with each other internally. This awareness can further enrich your intimacy and sexual play; your partner becomes more and more an tool and resource in knowing yourself.

Opening up to your inner opposite gender will bring:

  • New dimensions to your life
  • More playfulness, creativity in intimacy
  • Greater enrichment in sexuality
  • Easing some of the misunderstandings that may have arisen between you and your partner.

We want to emphasize that, as in all our groups, during group exercises, you will always and only work with your partner. There will be no nudity iin the group room.

For info please contact:

Tel o whatsapp: +39 349 0549910E-mail:


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