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Event: The Alchemy of Tantra for Individuals Opening to The Joy of Life
Event: The Alchemy of Tantra for Individuals Opening to The Joy of Life

Fri, 04 Nov



Event: The Alchemy of Tantra for Individuals Opening to The Joy of Life

Luogo & Data

04 Nov 2022, 18:00 – 05 Nov 2022, 20:30

Milan, Via Privata Tobruk, 3, 20146 Milan MI, Italy

Il seminario

Many people ask us, what is Tantra ?

There are many 'understandings' about what Tantra is or could be.


Many different angles from which, we can focus and what we can explore in the world of Tantra.

With this event we would like to give you an idea about the work we offer in The Alchemy of Tantra”.


This event is for all - men and women interested in the topic.


We will use exercises, explorations and meditations to:

- discover and explore the concept of life-energy

- create space and containment

- become relaxed and present

- explore aspects of male and female polarities


This is an experiential event in which we will use the so-called "circulations" originating from the Tibetan Buddhist Tantra , Osho’s meditations, dance and movement.


All explorations will be inner explorations within oneself.

There are no explorations in couples.


There will be space for asking questions about Tantra and related areas.



Tantra comes from Sanskrit. It means Tools (Tan) for Expansion (tra)

The “process”  that we offer is profoundly rooted in Meditation.


Our Work is based on OSHO’s Vision about Tantra, Tao and The Tibetan Buddhist Tantra through the teachings and transmissions given by Neel Fasting at Vaekscentret in Denmark.


Originally, in a spiritual growth process Tantra was applied after having been in meditation retreat for 15-20 years. Today, this very few people can commit to, in the type of lives, we live in the West, nowadays.


Still, Tantra can enrich our individual lives in may ways.

Often Tantra is being limited to focus mainly on our sexuality.

But as Osho mentions (Tantra Vision, Vol. 1): Sexuality is only the first step on the ladder.


Tantra Works with Energy and it can have different outlets/expressions:

  • Sexual Energy
  • Emotional Energy
  • Energy as Heart (Love, Compassion, Friendliness, Warmth etc)
  • Mind

Modern Psychology approaches growth through the belief that there is something wrong with us, something that needs to be fixed, changed, adjusted etc.

Tantra gives techniques of discovery. The treasure is within you. ….

Tantra believes in you.

Tantra provides us with tools to help us to contain energy, so we in the end have more energy available for one day to wake up.


Even if our goal isn’t to wake up. Still, with more energy and awareness available the quality of our lives enhances remarkably. Tantra doesn’t address the so-called problems of the Ego.

Tantra goes under the layer of the personality.  It teaches us how to connect with the resources within; The Energy that isn’t limited by our personal story.


There is no nudity and no exercise are done in couples.

for info e booking please contact:

Tel o whatsapp: +39 351 7090242


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