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CELEBRAZIONE CUORE e PRESENZA: Nourishing your inner being
CELEBRAZIONE CUORE e PRESENZA: Nourishing your inner being

Fri, 23 Jul


Province of Pisa

CELEBRAZIONE CUORE e PRESENZA: Nourishing your inner being

Luogo & Data

23 Jul 2021, 10:00 – 25 Jul 2021, 16:00

Province of Pisa, Podere Amarti, 56020 Montopoli in Val D'arno PI, Italia

Il seminario

"you cannot change yourself - you need to love your being and transformation happens on its own accord" - OSHO


During these 3 days we will bring nourishment and relaxation to our inner being.


It will be a full immersion in meditation in the beautiful settings of "Amarti": a natural portal to enter the silence and give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with your essence.


In the company of friends and fellow travellers, we will experience Osho's meditations, Heart Meditations, all with what we call the Tantra Attitude; which means saying yes to what there is.


These different ressources allows us to move from the surface to go deeper within.


Osho's meditation techniques, Heart meditations and teachings from Tantra are immensely beautiful.


They expand our awareness and bring:

- relaxation

- acceptance

- absence of judgement

- a connection with the inner source or joy


The Heart:

The Heart is a shortcut to meditation, we can easily connect with our inner nature from the space of the heart. Our mind is always in the past or the future. The heart is always in the present, here-now.

The heart is of immense value. Becoming aware of it, strengthens a different perception of the reality around us and it becomes a new way of living our daily lives.


Tantra teaches us an energetic approach to life. It says yes to what there is.

We will introduce this approach and introduce some tantric meditations to bringing acceptance and more balance in our inner and outer life.


When we are connected to our inner nature we become creative, our vision expands and our relationships become richer.


When we begin to live in tune with our inner nature, we feel rejuvenated: our lives begin to flow effortlessly and we experience a nourishment coming directly from our inner source.

We no longer need to look outside for the having our needs fulfilled.

We start responsibly diving into life, with the joy of living it fully.


And, magically, the outside around us changes too.


"Hence my insistence that after meditating, you must celebrate. After being in silence you have to rejoice, you have to feel gratitude." OSHO


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