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Opening up to the Joy Alchemy of Tantra individual path
Opening up to the Joy Alchemy of Tantra individual path

Fri, 19 May


Province of Perugia

Opening up to the Joy Alchemy of Tantra individual path

This workshop is part of the individual path INTIMACY AND HEALTHY RELATIONS

Location and Date

19 May 2023, 10:00 – 21 May 2023, 15:00

Province of Perugia, Vocabolo Torracce 15 - Strada Francescana, 06029 Valfabbrica PG, Italy

About the Workshop / Retreat

This workshop is part of the Alchemy of tantra "individual path"

Each workshop of this path can also be enjoyed individually and in the order you want.

It is a course aimed at all those who want to experience tantric practices.  A process for both men and women, for those who currently walk alone in love life, but also for those who walk in pairs and need individual space. -136bad5cf58d_

 We will work from a tantric perspective: outer and inner polarity, dynamic between feminine and masculine in woman and man.   To perceive and feel the vital energy in the body and to discover and learn to contain and direct one's sexual and emotional energy, to make love happen whether you choose to be alone,   whether you are open to a meeting with each other. There are no exercises in pairs and there is no nudity.

 The Alchemy of Tantra can give you:  

• An experience of feeling more "at home" with yourself with greater love for yourself and greater self-esteem  

• Have more playfulness and freedom in finding a partner   

• Relaxation  

• Acceptance and understanding  

• Greater Freedom  

• Healthier and more lasting relationships - both in love - in life, in work life and in relationships in daily life.  

• Feeling more relaxed in sexuality, with less attention to performance  

• Becoming more spontaneous and creative with sexuality 

  • Become more creative and more relaxed with emotions  

• Deepening of meditation

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