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Opening up to Tantra
Opening up to Tantra

Thu, 02 Jan


Osho Miasto

Opening up to Tantra

This workshop is part of the individual tantra process INTIMACY AND HEALING RELATIONSHIPS

Luogo & Data

02 Jan 2025, 21:30 – 06 Jan 2025, 16:00

Osho Miasto , Podere San Giorgio, 16, 53031 Casole D'elsa SI, Italia

Il seminario


Join us in a transformative workshop as we delve into the profound realms of Tantra and celebrate the essence of who you are.


"Opening to Tantra" is an exploration of life's energy, guiding you towards a more relaxed and authentic connection with yourself and others.


Tantra is a unique tool towards relaxing into who we are.


Tantra offers an "energetic" approach to life, focusing on embracing the life-force that flows through us rather than fixating on psychological issues.

In this part we will explore essential areas that Tantra addresses such as The principle of male and female polarity, The Source of Eros - the life force, herein Our Sexuality and our emotions and our conflicts.


With an energetic approach, we can relax and embrace our sexuality, our emotions and our so-called disagreements in our relating.


When they are experienced as expressions of energy in stead of challenges and hindrances they become resources where we can become present and centered in ourselves, feeling rooted and at home within.


Polarity male / female:

To be able to have a more fluid intimate relationship, tantra teaches us to start with ourselves. That is, starting to have a relationship with our inner opposite sex - man or woman - who already lives within us.

In this part we will explore how the male and female polarity affects our lives, in all areas where the relationship is involved: for example friends, partners, family, work. We will begin to learn more about our inner opposite gender. In this part we will also explore the roots of our emotions and conflicts from a tantric perspective, which also includes the male / female polarity.

When something is not recognized within us, we project it onto an external aspect or someone outside.

This emotional attitude in relationships often leads to pain, separation and suffering.

We will therefore explore the energetic aspect of emotions, an alternative approach to the usual way of identifying ourselves in a our personal psychological story.

This gives us more freedom, brings healing and connects us with our source, which brings us more vitality.

Eros / Desire / Falling in love:

Tantra teaches us that the Inner Source of Joy is within us.

Continuously, we look outside to feel complete, whole, fulfilled.

This is what happens when we fall in love. When we directly experience that the source of Joy is within us, we can begin to move more freely and feel less dependent on someone outside and we can begin to build more mature love-relationships.

In the same way we are freer in sexuality, we come back to ourselves and begin to get out of the pressure to perform or pretend.

Desire is closely related to eros.

We will take a closer look at this aspect and bring more awareness to the difference between desire and Eros.

Osho for example talks about rising in love rather than falling in love. Tantra is about the balance between the male and the female within us and this is essential to start breaking out of the "trap" in which we are caught when we fall in love.


The body:

In Tantra the body is seen as a temple. It is through the body that we can become aware / conscious. It is in the body that we come into contact with our sensitivity and sensuality. This facilitates the connection with our Inner Source.


In this part:

- you will have more understanding of why and towards whom we feel attraction

- you will experience how this affects sex life and our intimacy

- you will become more sensitive to the inner flow that is always in the body

- you will learn how to become rooted in yourself

- you will acquire more self-esteem and feel more comfortable in yourself

- you will have more freedom in your relationships

- you will become more aware and more true to what is important in your life

This will bring you:

- healing in all areas of our relationship

- more relaxation and creativity in the way we make love

- more understanding about the arising of conflicts

- more tools to get back feeling good alone in difficult moments

- more self-esteem and relaxation


We will use:

- practices and meditations from Ancient Tantra Traditions

- dance, movement

- Inner explorations

- Meditations of Osho

- sharing, exchange and open work


The workshop takes place in a safe and respectful environment for self-exploration and personal growth.


There is no nudity involved in our practices; tantric circulations and meditations are done individually.


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