Fri, 02 Jul | Tuscany


You can meditate and become a perfect lover - you will be surrounded by a great flow of love, you will overflow with love..... OSHO
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Location & Dates

02 Jul, 10:00 – 04 Jul, 15:20
Tuscany, Tuscany, Italia

About this Seminar

It is a course for all who would like explore and eksperiment with meditation and practices from Tantra.


A proces for both men and women who currently are alone in their love life or for indivduals in a relationship who would like to explore meditations and practices from Tantra by themselves.



We will work with:


· a tantric approach – Tantra means tools for expansion, saying yes to what is.

· meditations from the world of tantra

· tantric practices

· the outer and the inner polarity

· the interplay between female and male in all sexes.


We will be discovering and bring awareness how to perceive and how to feel life in the body.


We will be focusing on how to contain energy; both sexual and emotional and start feeling the love dimension whether you are alone or not.


Meditation practice, sharing and exchange will be part of the course.

We will move quite a lot, so it is convenient to bring loose clothes.


There will be no couple exercises and no nudity.


The Alchemy of Tantra can give you:


· An experience of coming more “home” to yourself with higher self-love and self-esteem

· Relaxation

· Acceptance and Understanding

· Freedom

· Healthier and longer lasting relationships – both in love-live, work-life and relationships in our daily life.

· Feeling more relaxed in our sexuality, with less focus on performance

· Becoming more spontaneous and creative with our sexuality

· Becoming more creative and more relaxed with our emotions

· Deepening of our Meditation


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